A week in the life of my Go Pillow

Nov 01 2023

"Few days go by when I’m not using it for something", writes Hyoumankind Team Member Kate. "It’ll definitely be with me for my next long haul work trip. So I decided to track a typical week in my life and all the ways I rely on my Go Pillow for comfort and support I can take with me."

A week in the life of my Go Pillow
Go Pillow: 7 days, 7 ways - written by Kate 

When I first started writing for Hyoumankind, I admit to being sceptical about the Go Pillow. Before I had one, I struggled to imagine how useful it would be in my daily life. And they’re not cheap. But like a lot of things in life, I do believe you get what you pay for. In fact, few days go by when I’m not using it for something. It’ll definitely be with me for my next long haul work trip. So I decided to track a typical week in my life and all the ways I rely on my Go Pillow for comfort and support I can take with me.


I’m getting back into yoga after a couple of years recovering from a shoulder injury, and my Go Pillow goes with me to every class. I love using it for meditation in shavasana (corpse pose), because it supports my neck and shoulders without pushing my head forward.

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We’ve got a special birthday dinner tomorrow night, and I wanted to get a blow out for the occasion. But the only time I can get an appointment with my hair stylist is today. I need to keep my prone-to-frizz waves nice and smooth, so I pop a silk pillowcase on my Go Pillow and sleep on that. The ergonomic neck cradle helps keep my head still too.

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Whoop! I wake up to sleek hair that will only need five minutes before we go out tonight. 

As a writer working from home (and doing it since long before Covid made WFH the new normal), meeting deadlines often means long days at my laptop. On days like today, I try to jump up and move around every hour, as well as resting my eyes regularly. With the help of the Go Travel Bag, I roll my Go Pillow into a half size bolster to help protect my back.

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We’ve got a three-hour drive after work tonight, heading up north for a long weekend by the beach. The Go Pillow is the first thing to go in the car. I put it on my seat – either for extra comfort behind my back, or to sit on. Putting the thicker side of the wedge towards the seat back prevents the dreaded ‘numb bum’ on long car journeys. Putting the thick side of the wedge towards the front of the seat relieves pressure on the back of the legs. And it’s a little added back support too.


Sleeping at the bach, where the pillows aren’t the most comfortable, it’s nice to have something familiar and supportive. I’ve packed my custom linen pillowcase, because our room can get quite stuffy, and I love its cool breathability.


The morning dawns crisp and clear, so we head down to the sand and park up under a huge pohutakawa. Finally, a chance to get stuck into my copy of Beautiful World, Where Are You? by Sally Rooney. (Not quite as good as Normal People, but still highly recommended.) And have my first salty swim of the summer. I put my Go Pillow in its Capri Towelling Bag over top of my water-resistant cover because it’s nice and soft and has a handy pocket for my book.

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Once home again, it’s a chilled evening on the sofa: a big bowl of sweet/salty popcorn, the latest season of The Crown on Netflix, and my trusty Go Pillow sidekick for when I inevitably start moving from an upright to a more horizontal position. (It’s Sunday, so I’m cutting myself some slack on posture.) My favourite cover to cosy up with is the orange towelling one – which doubles as a bag. I’ve washed it many times too, and the cotton just keeps getting softer.