The pillow, reinvented.

After realising her physicality as well as her appearance was being affected by how she was sleeping, Hyoumankind founder Steph Wyborn bought every ‘quality’ pillow she could get her head down on. None of them delivered on their promises of better sleep.

So she set out to reinvent the pillow.

The kitchen bench became her lab; the kids become her first ‘customers’.

Ten years, over 20 prototypes, collaboration with healthcare professionals, beauty experts and manufacturers and multiple studies later, the genius of her pillows is contributing to the sleep and relaxation of thousands of hyoumankinders.

What makes Hyoumankind pillows different?
Advanced memory foam
and portable
Made in New Zealand
Sound like time for Steph to take a well-deserved rest herself?

Not on your life! Steph’s ambitions for Hyoumankind are sewn into the DNA of the brand name she chose so carefully all those years ago; she was clear she wanted a business born to deliver more care and kindness into a stressed world and for the improved comfort of humankind to stay central to her pursuit.

Expert reviews
Experiencing the difference firsthand, I cannot help but endorse Hyoumankind's Neck Support Pillow for its exceptional design and comfort. It is a staple recommendation for my clients who struggle with neck strain and seek both luxury and relief.
Michael Thompson Physiotherapist
There is nothing else of this quality and function available and I highly recommend Hyoumankind’s Back Sleep Pillow and Knee Pillow to my patients for cosmetic as well as therapeutic benefits.
Dr Joanna Romanowska Cosmetic Medicine Practitioner
As a physiotherapist, I find Hyoumankind's Full Body Support Pillow to be unparalleled in promoting proper alignment during sleep. I confidently suggest it to patients needing improved rest and recovery.
Dr. Emily Chen Chiropractor