Talking to an expert: Hyoumankind's Steph Wyborn on beauty and sleep

Nov 01 2023

Hyoumankind's founder Steph Wyborn had the pleasure of sitting down with Helene Ravlich to speak about all things beauty and sleep... From what first inspired Steph to start creating pillows, to sleep rituals and can't live without beauty products. 

Talking to an expert: Hyoumankind's Steph Wyborn on beauty and sleep

Helene Ravlich is a freelance writer based in Auckland, New Zealand. A self-confessed beauty fanatic with over fifteen years in the business of writing about all things pretty and beautiful. Hyoumankind's founder Steph Wyborn had the pleasure of sitting down with Helene to speak about all things beauty and sleep...

"I’m in bed on day four of a Covid infection as I write, feeling verrrry sorry for myself but glad that I’m safe and warm, and have a plethora of supplements and whatnot on hand to try and battle through it the best I can. I also have one hell of a comfy bed, which brings me to a discussion about my favourite pillow, which has proved a godsend through the last few days of fevers and chills.

The brand is Hyoumankind, which understands that in our ‘always on’ modern world, we grab sleep where and when we can. Under the watchful eye of passionate founder and CEO Steph Wyborn (above), the company has become a name synonymous with a great sleep via a cleverly curated offering of products created with making the best of your forty winks in mind.

Called the Back Sleep Pillow, it is ergonomically designed to seamlessly contour to your shape. Back sleeping is also an excellent beauty tool in both the long and short term. Over time, it will help with facial and chest creases, and short term is great following surgery or non-surgical aesthetic treatments. “Back sleeping can support faster recovery,” Steph explains, “and because there’s no pressure on treated areas, it can maximise treatment results.”

Hyoumankind also created a custom fitted pillowcase in both pure linen and pure silk for the specialty pillow, with silk being her fabric of choice. “A silk pillowcase reduces friction on facial skin and keeps expensive night creams and serums where you put them!” says Steph. “Using it with the Back Sleep Pillow just amplifies those benefits and adds a little touch of luxury every night.”

I spoke to Steph to find out a little more about her passions and motivations, with a few beauty recommendations thrown on in…

When were you first inspired to create your own line of pillows, and what inspired it?

I guess my lightbulb moment came when I was holidaying with friends. I’d been struggling to get a good, restorative night’s sleep for around a year, waking up feeling uncomfortable and not so confident about how I looked. I noticed how my friends looked in the morning and saw some patterns. A friend with facial lines slept on her stomach, another with cleavage wrinkles slept on her side. The ‘line’ between wrinkles and sleep position was clear (excuse the pun!).

I know a lot about why you created the Back Sleep Pillow, but not so much about the Go Pillow. How did that glorious invention come about?

Through human experience – we wanted to take the contoured comfort of our Back Sleep Pillow and make it more versatile, to support people who like to sleep on their side too. But the Go Pillow has evolved into so much more. We trialled it with elite athletes and frequent travellers and found that they didn’t just use the pillow in bed or on the plane, they used it absolutely everywhere: working, driving, exercising… It’s like the reusable water bottle – by your side when you need it. We’ve designed a range of covers and bags to take the Go Pillow from the bedroom to poolside, on flights and beyond!

As well as your essentials like a great pillow and silk pillowcase, do you have any little rituals around sleep time?

Yes, sleep rituals are essential for clearing my head and creating a peaceful space for sleep. Before I go to bed, I offload my busy thoughts by leaving a list in the living room of things to do. l love waking up to a fresh day with some order, so I make sure our living spaces are tidy and ready for the next day. My bedroom is always a blue light free zone –no texting or laptop use, always tidy and in its nurturing vibe before I go to sleep. This gives me a sense of clarity and I feel I can let go of everything to just enjoy a calm, peaceful environment, and sleep.
If I need some extra help to switch off, I heat a Bright Eyes rose quartz crystal and place it on my crown chakra once I’m lying down, the feeling of warmth and the focus on this area, calms my mind and puts me in a beautiful space to drift off to sleep. I also do this in winter for the warm nurturing feeling. (I personally don’t read at night or listen to music, purely because I fall asleep very quickly!)

What are your favourite beauty products, the ones you can’t live without?

NARS Tinted Moisturiser – I love this instead of foundation because it’s light, fresh and dewy.

Revitalash – helps grow eyelashes, so effective!

Ambient HOURGLASS Lighting finishing powder – this flattering powder helps my skin look smooth and luminous by diffusing light.

Do you have a favourite scent?

I love Turbulences by Louis Vuitton but I have heard they may not be making it anymore. The search begins to find a new scent… no easy feat!

Are there plans for any newness from Hyoumankind that you can talk about?

We’re constantly working to improve our range and listening to what our customers say – so new product development comes from their requests. Currently we use our silk offcuts for Hair Clouds (ties), and have a new Silk Make Up Remover Mitt on the way! We will have a new range of colours for our Go Pillow accessories.

Our focus is on helping as many people as we can through our pillows, and we have some exciting overseas opportunities in the pipeline too. Number one, help more people, number two, become another world-renowned New Zealand brand!

For more about Hyoumankind and their other pillow offerings (my Go Pillow literally goes with me everywhere) check out their pillow range here.